How to Hire the Best Florist in Dubai

Are you planning your wedding? Looking for a florist to take care of the decorations and flower arrangement for a corporate event? Or do you need an experienced florist and reliable flower shop to handle your regular flower requirements for your business such as a hotel, resort, etc?

With these types of major flower needs, you have to hire the best florist in Dubai as your supplier. That makes your life easier since with experienced florists, you don’t have to worry too much if they can handle your requests. They already have a large network of suppliers, they usually have a good and experienced team as well to help organize things, and they are very professional in their work. They also have resources like vehicles, online ordering to supplement their service.

So how exactly can you hire the best florist in Dubai? How do you know they are what they claim to be and not just trying to get your money? There are tell-tale signs that you are working with a professional florist. Here are some of them:


They are well-known in their circle and with other customers

An experienced florist doesn’t really need a calling card at least in the immediate circle where he or she does business. With his or her experience, customers come by word-of-mouth and you can simply ask around for a florist and they are usually among the names that will pop up in the discussion.


They have an impressive portfolio of past works

For most creative work, you will need to see the portfolio of the person to see or have an idea of what they do and how it appeals to you. For example with a florist for your wedding, you would want to look at the portfolio of your potential florist and check if he or she has done any type of floral design work for bridal events or weddings. From there you can see if his or her work appeals to you and if you think they can do same quality work for your wedding.

Another important thing that the portfolio tells you about florists is how creative they are in coming up with different flower arrangements. Of course for many, flowers are flowers, but for a florist, he or she would be able to combined different flowers and come up with a very unique design that speaks the theme of the event or what the client requested.

Next time you want to look for the best florist in your area, keep these two things in mind when you call your prospective florists. Make sure to list down your questions about their portfolio and their past clients. You can also inquire about their packages for different events and if they offer special discounts for certain flower arrangements. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas for your event and encourage the florist to have inputs to improve your ideas. They will more than willingly suggest ideas and better options for you in terms of feasibility and costs. Check out Mercury Flowers – Flower Shop in Dubai now to see some sample of the best flower arrangements and customized bouquets for different events.