Important Tips in Doing Business in Dubai

Dubai is a conducive and highly sought after place for foreign investors not just because of its proximity between two continents—Asia and Europe—but also because of the place’s modern facilities, infrastructure, and advantageous tax and trade laws that help investors get the most our of their business. There is so much to gain from doing business in Dubai and that’s why it has continually attracted people from many parts of the world as foreign investors, workers, and residents.


However, when doing business in Dubai, you also have to really be on your toes all the time because competition is stiff. With all the businesses trying to come in and stay in the city, you have to be on top of your game if you want to succeed in Dubai’s business world. So how are you going to do that exactly? Here are some of our tips when doing business in Dubai:


Educate Yourself

You might think you already know all there is to know about your particular business, product, or service. So why should you put the effort on educating yourself? Well, the answer is simple: learning never ends. Every day there are many new trends that come out and technology keeps on developing. In order to keep up with the times, you should also continually learn these new things around you and know what tips or lessons you can get and apply to your own business.

In order to educate yourself with what’s going on in your local business sector, read a good entrepreneur magazine in Dubai or subscribe to a local online business or entrepreneur magazine that will bring you the latest developments in the business scene in Dubai. Of course you should not forget about reading up on the international business world because the events and decisions or trends happening abroad may also have severe effects on your local business.

Communicate with Your Peers

There are some people who do business thinking that as long as they are earning, that’s good already. However, if you really want to become an established business and a respected company, you have to know how to build good professional relationships not just with customers but with suppliers and other potential business partners. So how can you do this?

First of all, you must also pay it forward. This means, try to share the knowledge you have with people in your industry. When you learn from your mistakes, improve your processes or products and then share with your community what you have learned so that the entire community or business sector also improves along with you.

Second, attend seminars, workshops, or trade shows that can lead to new meetings and good conversations with people in your industry. In a world where people can now communicate online, face-to-face communication has become just an option but it is still very different and has more impact than talking over Skype or any other online tool.

Finally, keep in touch through social media accounts. Update your company or business services and products online and make sure you actively participate on comments and exchange of opinions on social media.