Working as a Personal Assistant

A good personal assistant would be a great addition and asset to a company or manager especially if she or he is a very organized and multi-skilled individual. Contrary to what many think, a personal assistant does not only set appointments, makes phone calls, or run errands. He or she may also handle bigger office tasks or things related to the daily operations of a business or company. These include data entry, taking care of financial books or records, filing of important papers, organizing client database, and so much more.


In other words, it’s not enough for a personal assistant to know basic computer stuff or be good at communication and organizing. He or she must also have knowledge in business and be up-to-date with different software used for office operations.

Whether you want to be a Dubai personal assistant or are looking for one, here are some important details or info about being a personal assistant:


Individual aides help abnormal state administrators with everyday operations and help them explore their day. As an individual aide, you will work with an individual, as opposed to as a mutual collaborator amongst a pool of administrators. But since of that, you will be depended upon to realize that individual’s calendar all around. You will arrange their days, work with them to organize travel, draft messages, and potentially different obligations like grabbing blessings, cleaning, and so forth.


As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), secretaries and clerical specialists (like individual associates) made a middle wage of $16.66 a hour in 2010, or $34,660 a year.


Most partner employments require no less than a secondary school recognition, yet a partner degree or involvement in required abilities will help you emerge from the group.


Listening and Communication Skills: You will be relied upon to take after direction from your administrator, and your capacity to comprehend those guidelines with almost no subsequent meet-up be welcomed by your manager. Likewise, you may need to relate messages or directions to others based from your boss. Great listening and relational abilities guarantees that the data is transferred effectively.

Individuals/Interpersonal Skills: You will work straightforwardly with no less than one individual: your supervisor. Be that as it may, you additionally may be the main line of correspondence between your supervisor and the outside world, conceivably talking with customers, different representatives and upper administration.

Hierarchical Skills: Your manager will probably depend on you to keep the working day all together. Booking gatherings, trip arranges, charging, and so forth will all require a fruitful individual partner to have fantastic hierarchical aptitudes.

PC Skills: Writing messages, interpreting notes, faxing, duplicating, and making spreadsheets or printing records figure intensely in an individual right hand’s day.


These are just some of the important things a personal assistant does. Make sure you go through these info if you want to be a PA or if you are trying to find a good one for your company.